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Hi ! Thanks for checking out my site here is a little info about me. I am the author of ( It's no Secret ) (The Christians guide to God's law of Attraction)
I am also a public speaker using my book as a platform but also on other Christian topics as well. I have a Doctor of Divinity degree and am also a certified life coach.
I am a husband, father, grand father, And a Christian business man. I was in business for twenty years when a fire in the company that I had a contract with caused them to rebuild out of state, putting me out of business. I then started my own rustic log furniture making business we have lots of juniper trees here on our ranch which we have used to make heirloom furniture.

I have put into practice the art of living your dream. If you don't live yours you will end up living someone else's.
My wife and I and our youngest daughter live on our family ranch at Hye Texas which is about an hours drive west of Austin.
Hye was named after my great grandfather. His name was Hiram Brown and he called himself Hye which is Gaelic meaning blessed.
We are blessed to have the history that we share by living on the same land that he bought over 100 years ago.
I am also blessed to have my parents still living on the ranch as well, and my father was born here on the ranch. Click on the 4B
for more family history. I am a member of Toastmasters int. and a student of The Life Coach Institute of Orange County.

It is my mission to help others achieve balance and harmony. The 4Bs (click on the 4B logo on the home page for more info) are the foundation to having a balanced life. By keeping these four areas of your life in balance you will experience the peace that God has provided for us. Passion is what drive us but balance is what keeps us centered and able to achieve these passions.