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4B :: Family Brand

The 4B was my great grand fathers cattle brand. It was first registered in Blanco county Texas in 1880. His name was Hiram Brown his nickname was Hye which is Gaelic for blessed. As I was working on the content and info to build this website I wanted a trademark logo.
I had been trying to come up with something and was mentally blocked . I looked up from my desk and saw the old branding iron hanging on my office wall. It is a perfect logo because on my blogs I talk about the four main balance points of life. Your Spiritual balance, your Physical balance, your Relational balance, and your Financial balance. So there you have it the 4Bs. I have been blessed to have been raised and live on the family ranch our land was bought by Hye in 1907 and my Father was born here on the ranch in Nov of 1924 and is still running cattle with the same blood line from when Hye Brown started here in 1880. Hye was my Dads mothers Father.